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The Artistic Characteristics Of Garden Stone 2020-02-15

No stone is not a garden, Stone becomes one of the most basic gardening elements in Chinese classical garden, it is because of having the elephant outside, the scene of the scenery outside the germinal ability, thus also become the best element of the garden artistic conception. It is not only the construction material of classical garden, but also the important landscaping material and decoration material. Through the construction and landscaping in the landscaping and play a unique role in the construction of the irreplaceable. Through the ingenious use and setting of stone, the ancient garden-maker embodies the unique scenery and natural interest of Chinese gardens, and also creates the artistic conception of the unique Chinese aesthetic characteristics.

The most important feature of Chinese classical gardens in aesthetics is the creation of artistic conception. The beauty of the classical garden is not the beauty of an isolated building, but the beauty of artistic conception. Therefore, the creation and appreciation of garden artistic conception becomes the central content of garden aesthetics. In aesthetics, the landscape and the mood are common and have similarities. The common place is "born out of the elephant". "The poetic realm, the mood is not limited, but in the limited see infinite." In the same way, the artistic conception of the garden is not an isolated image, not an isolated building, not a limited landscape, but an elephant outside, a scene outside. (lang) This image outside, the scene outside, can make the isolated, static images of vivid enrichment, give viewers more full of the United States of the feelings, and can stimulate the viewer's mind and charm of the release, arouse the aesthetic remote thinking, and promote the life of the people.

The artistic conception of poetry and painting is made up of language, line and color. And the artistic conception of the garden should be made use of the kind. It is easy to create the artistic conception by concrete object, which hinders the deficiency of the spirit in the artistic conception, and restricts the freedom of the "born like Outside". Therefore, it is necessary to search for a garden element which has both the beauty of the elephant and the meaning of abstraction. It is not only the concrete thing, can conformation real garden space, but also has the artistic symbol the nimble abstraction, the rich significance elucidation space. Can be invisible in tangible communication, from limited span unlimited, created out of "the image of the outside" of the artistic conception space.

Garden Stone is a gardening material with the above characteristics.