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Marble Species Classification Naming Different Principles 2020-02-15

According to the classification of marble varieties

 naming principles are different, some of the origin and color named, such as Dandong green, Tieling red, etc .; some to the pattern and color name, such as snow white, Ai Yeqing; some image name, such as Autumn scenery, waves; some of the traditional name, such as white marble, crystal jade and so on. Therefore, due to the origin of different similarities often similar or different rock phenomenon of the same name.


The main color of this stone is: multi-color, subjective attributes: 

pattern, a high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, easy processing, with the economic development, application continues to expand, the amount of growing , Plays an important role in people's lives. In particular, nearly a decade of large-scale mining, industrial processing, international trade, but also to make large quantities of decorative plates into the building decoration industry, not only for luxury public buildings, but also into the home decoration. But also a lot for the manufacture of exquisite utensils, such as furniture, lamps, smoking and art carving and so on. Some can also be alkali-resistant materials. In the mining, the process of production of gravel, corners more than materials are also commonly used in artificial stone, terrazzo, stone meters, stone powder production, can be used for coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries filler.