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Classification Of Garden Stones 2020-02-15

Lingbi Stone:

Lingbi Stone fine, firm such as Zhen Jade, buckle of the brush, sound unconscious Cong, lingering long, there is "Yuzhengkin sound" of the laudatory name. So the ancients also called the Lingbi Stone "eight stone." In Lingbi produced by many stone species, the first name is known as "eight stone" of the Qing Stone, "Gong" in the "Si bin floating qing" records, is the ancient stone musical instrument-the first choice of Qing materials.



Taihu is nature's uncanny workmanship, natural form carved, grotesque ornamental stone. Taihu is a variety of diverse, colorful: or strange, or colorful, or pattern of the United States, or good quality, or carved, elegant scenery, or muddy mu ancient, dignified deep, extraordinary refined, pleasing, spiritual leisurely. It never repeats, a stone a clever idea, natural tiancheng.


Kun Shi:

Kun Shi is produced in Kunshan Shan, that is, Ma on Shan. Also known as Linglong stone Kunshan stone. The quartz vein is a crystalline cluster in the crystal hole, which is a net vein, Crystal White and exquisite.



Stone is a limestone formed about 300 million years ago, and is named after Yingshan, which is rich in Guangdong and Germany. Its texture is exquisite, the texture is peculiar, because in the nature undergoes the long-term weathering leaching function, causes its partial erosion to dissolve, but forms fills the ditch, the seam, the hole, the hole the grotesque shape, and has "the wrinkle, The thin, through" three characteristics.